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Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass

This works by creating a small pouch. That is closed off from the rest of the stomach to make you feel fuller faster. It also involves re-routing your small intestines, which makes the food bypass part of the small intestine. This is both a restrictive and malabsorptive operation. Patients who have the gastric bypass lose an average of 80-85 percent of their excess body weight in 18 months.


  1. “Gold standard” of bariatric surgery with well studied long term results
  2. Resolves Reflux
  3. Most effective at resolving Diabetes


  1. Staple lines and anastomoses which could leak
  2. Risk of malabsorption complications
  3. Risk of dumping syndrome, internal hernias, bowel obstructions, marginal ulcer
Gastric Bypass illustration

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