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Dialysis Access Procedures

The surgeons at Mid-Atlantic Surgical Group are experienced in the creation of dialysis access. Our goal at MASG is to provide long-term access for dialysis as quickly as possible, in order to reduce the time that our patients depend on a catheter for their dialysis. We perform the following procedures for dialysis access:

Fistulography – using minimally invasive catheterization techniques, our Vascular Surgeons can improve flow in a weak or struggling fistula, preventing patients from requiring new fistula creation.

Angioplasty of narrowed veins, coil embolization of unwanted branches, thrombectomy of clotted access, and stenting of recalcitrant stenosis can all be performed. Existing fistulas can be maintained in order to prevent future failure.

AV Fistula Creation – using ultrasound-guided techniques, new AV fistulas are created to allow patients catheter-free dialysis. AV fistulas are created from a patient’s own vein – this reduces the risks of infection and extends the lifespan of the access

AV Graft Placement – for patients who are not candidates for AV fistula creation, a graft can be placed under the skin allowing for dialysis without the need for a catheter.

Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Placement – using laparoscopic techniques, PD catheters can be placed through two or three small incisions. PD provides a dialysis alternative for patients who would like to stay at home for dialysis, or who do not have adequate veins for traditional hemodialysis.

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